About me

Originally from Queensland, Australia, I have spent most of my adult life as a global citizen, working and travelling throughout Asia and Europe since 1998, gaining in-­depth cultural insights whilst building a career in the film industry. 

Through hard work and dedication I became the second Australian to have ever studied Cinematography at the   Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, The National Film School in Rome, Italy, led by Federico Fellini's director of photography, Giuseppe Rotunno ASC.

I have worked on numerous Italian and international feature films, short films and commercials alongside some world-­renowned visual effects supervisors, cinematographers, directors, and producers.

In Italy I worked with a Visual and Special Effects team for the critically acclaimed and Cannes nominated film “Tale of Tales.” This movie was co-produced by Jeremy Thomas, and for our work we won the David Di Donatello, Italian Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, 2016.

Some of my most recent professional roles in the UK were with the London based companies, Lipsync Post, and Milk Visual Effects. With Lipsync Post, I worked on Raja Gosnell's newest feature film, "Show Dogs". Together with Benjamin Shepherd, my VFX supervisor, the two of us worked together on set for the entire shoot on location in Cardiff and Las Vegas, and in the Pinewood studios in Wales. With Milk Visual Effects, I worked on the BBC production, "Doctor Who", with VFX supervisor, Murray Barber. 

I am currently based in London, and recently finished working on the Fox production of "Bohemian Rhapsody", with Double Negative VFX supervisor, May Leung, and Academy Award winning VFX supervisor, Paul Norris.

IMDB: Jodi Ann McNamara http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4523685/

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With my cinematography teacher, Giuseppe Rotunno

Camera operator on "L'estate che non Viene"-"'Till summer comes"- Cannes 2011 Official Competition

On the set of "Tale of Tales"